Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scales - 1, R - 0

As expected, but only by 1lb. 9st 3.5 this morning.

But I have a Chinese lunch out with friends so it might go up again tomorrow. I'll just have to be as healthy as possible.

Breakfast: banana & green tea
Lunch: Chinese - I was good actually. I had mainly veggies (ginger broccoli, mmmmm!) with just a little chicken in black bean sauce (unbreaded) and some omelette for protein. I did have half a slice of something optimistically called black forest gateau, which was pink and yellow and tasted vaguely of raspberries! Didn't like it much so I left the biggest bit.
Dinner: Fish and chips. I didn't feel like it, but DH had had a rotten day and fancied it so what's a girl to do?
Sins: "Chinese" cake, fish and chips.

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